Cooking Fever – Review

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There are many ways a person can manage their time in the kitchen but when it comes to the game Cooking Fever you will need to get skilled at it in a hurry. Your customers are hungry and you not only need to prepare the food for them but you need to have a restaurant that they want to come to as well. The mind blowing artwork in this game will keep you coming back for more and wanting to get the most out of every experience.

While you are learning and cooking new dishes for your customers this cool game allows you to build, design and decorate your own kitchen. It’s an addictive game that is worthy of your time, but you will lose time playing it, earning your way to new restaurants and kitchens to enjoy. Give away free food to attract more business in this fun app that is easy to download. There are hundreds of ingredients that will give you an enjoyable cooking experience as you prepare hundreds of meals. And whether you want to work in a bakery or in an oyster bar you can have it all with Cooking Fever.

The game has five locations so far, but is working on adding more, so watch for the updates as you get in the kitchen and catch the Cooking Fever.



Game Concept / Idea
Graphics / UI Interface
User Experience
Addictive Nature / Replay value


Earnest RajCooking Fever – Review

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