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I recently downloaded the app Conx2Share and was thrilled with my decision. This app is unique and is a new innovation when it comes to connecting with people. The app allows you to connect with friends and family members in a number of ways. You can message them through a chat-like message field or connect your profile to the social media world.


Downloading the app is easy. Just go to the app store, search “Conx2Share” and download it. Sign up with your email address, create a user name and you are ready to go. I started out using the free version, but quickly upgraded to the Plus subscription. The free version only allows you to view the last two messages and picture you’ve received. Also, videos disappear after being viewed. I found that the Plus version works better for me. It is $2.99/year and I can view the last 15 messages that friends have sent me, along with three pictures and one video. For anyone who wants more, there is the Premium subscription which is $29.99/year. It gives you a Conx2Share email and 50 GB of data storage which can be used to save your messages, pictures and videos. The fourth option is the Platinum subscription which follows along the same path as the Premium option, but has 100 GB of data storage and is $49.99/year. The Conx2Share email is included in this package as well. The Premium and Platinum versions might not suit you if you are a casual user, so the Plus version works well.


The app has a great reach when you consider the fact that it connects you to social media. Not many apps have the ability to get your content from their app to the social media world. I can post something on Conx2Share and quickly send it out on my Twitter page by simply clicking the share button. For someone who is always on Twitter, this option is really beneficial for me. Not only does Conx2Share allow you to do that, but they offer an easy way to create groups where you can keep in touch with friends and family. You can invite friends to join through the app, which is another interesting feature. Posting photos is simple, you just have to allow Conx2Share to have access to your phones camera.

Interacting with friends and family is a nice touch on this app, but I have become friends with people I didn’t even know. Many of the users on here are nice people, who all are supportive of this app and want to see it expand. The layout of the app is clean, easy to navigate, and is user friendly. I was able to get my friends to download this great app and now they can’t stay off it. The creators of Conx2Share were able to see the where we are heading as a society and made something that is a first of its kind. There are few apps that have the technology that Conx2Share has when it comes to getting content from their app and sending it out to the social media world, all without having to close off the app. This app is a great, so I suggest that anyone looking to download Conx2Share should go ahead and do so.

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editor6Conx2Share – Connecting People You Love !

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