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You must be familiar with the latest news, which was in the limelight during the last few days? What was it? Any guesses! If I’m writing about an Antivirus app, then it must be related to that! Yes! You all know that a Ransomware attacked computer networks around the Globe on May 13, 2017. It affected the computer systems in nearly 100 countries. The hackers reportedly used a flaw in Microsoft software identified by the NSA. The reason being, they wanted money some money in exchange for data. India, China and many other countries were affected by this malware called “ Wanna Cry or Wanna Decrypter”. It stopped the working of car factories, hospitals, shops and schools over the weekend worldwide. But somehow the process was halted by a security researcher at Malware Tech and put an end to its spreading, although he didn’t realize it at the time. Anyways, All’s well that ends well!

However, it’s not possible to protect your device from these malware every time by the researchers. You should also learn how to prevent your devices from them by installing an Antivirus. So we have a latest app called CM Security Master Antivirus. It helps to protect your phone from virus and other malicious content.

The CM Security Master Antivirus has been developed by the Cheetah Mobile. It requires 4.0 or any later version of the Android Operating System and is compatible with all Android Smartphones.

This app helps you to clean junk files, boost your phone, saves battery life, protects privacy; secures Wi-Fi connection; removes viruses and much more. Now you can add more security to your Smartphone with its App Lock. You can lock your apps where you want a privacy such as contacts, messages, photos, messenger, etc. You can apply a single pattern, password or a fingerprint for all the apps to secure them. No one can even try to unlock it because it has a disguise cover so that no one is aware that you’re using an app lock. However, if anyone tries to unlock it, the app automatically captures the Anti theft intruder selfie and will notify you through email.

This app intelligently detects and keeps your phone and data safe and protected from Malware, Spyware, Hackers, Trojans, and Virus attacks. It’s the #1 antivirus engine as voted 9 times consecutively by AV-TEST. It’s a junk clean master which helps to clean your junk files and free up memory storage with just one tap. It helps to boost your device performance, saves and cool down the battery and keep the system running fast while increasing battery life.

This new version has some little bit updates and better than the previous version. The unique thing is that it has a Safe Connect VPN Online Protection which gives you security while accessing the Internet.

You can see in the App store that there are 100 million downloads of CM Security. So grab it now before a virus attacks your phone!

Pros: #1 antivirus engine; app lock; privacy and virus protection; Safe Connect VPN; boosts performance; saves battery; junk clean master; brilliant graphics; one tap security; free and in-app purchases available.

Cons: none.

I give this app 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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