CLOCKS: The puzzle based shooter game about clocks

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CLOCKS is the newest game from Noodlecake Studios

The experienced indie mobile game developer Noodlecake Studios has released a new game to add to their collection of mobile games; CLOCKS is their latest game. The developer has created many games in the past that are both free to play and paid for; CLOCKS is a free to play with in-app purchases.

Their newest game has a relatively simple concept; the player needs to destroy all the clocks. To do this, the player shoots a ball to the clock they want to destroy, once it touches the clock the player takes control of that new clock, and the previous one is destroyed. To win the player needs to destroy all the clocks, the one the player reaches at the end if also destroyed.

The idea is simple but effective. If the player misses the clock they are aiming for them they need to restart the level; at some points the game will allow the play to re-do a move for a small price, they need to watch an ad. After the Ad finishes the player can retake their move, if they miss again then the level resets.

CLOCKS has two gamemodes, the Quest mode sets the player on a campaign to beat all of the levels in the game; there are 100 different levels in the game for the player to beat. The second is Survival, which unlocks when the player collects enough stars, this mode puts the player in an endless mode to last as long as possible.

Players collect stars in the Quest gamemode by completing levels as quickly as possible; there are 100 of these stars to collect across the main gamemode. When the level begins there is a timer, the timer represents how long the player has to complete the level to win the star for it. Progressing without acquiring the star is possible, so players do not need to repeat levels unless they wish to 100% complete the game.

The gameplay is just as simple as the idea is, the player merely taps on the “Shoot” button to fire. Players need to wait for the clock hand to rotate into the right position before firing, and the game has a short tutorial to show players how the shooter aspect of this puzzle game works.

CLOCKS is a simple yet addictive game that requires timing and some precision from its players. This free to play game is available for Android devices.

Adam WolfeCLOCKS: The puzzle based shooter game about clocks

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