Clairvoyant CAKKHU Android APP Review

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Now that almost everyone is a self-proclaimed photographer with much credit going to the technological advancement. With numerous Android phones in the market, the different manufacturers have gone out of their way to enhance the photography experience.

I enjoy photography and try to make the best of my android phone. Every photograph I take is always driven towards perfection, and I have tried numerous apps to help me achieve my objective. Not so long ago, I came across Clairvoyant CAKKHU App that is one of a kind.

The app engages you by identifying the item that is reflected in the photography. If you thought there was nothing more to photograph apps than editing and shooting, then you are wrong. The app has utilised the artificial intelligence technology. Ms. CAKKHU is the apps intelligence, and she can tell you the item that was pictured in the camera. It almost feels like she is watching you as you take the picture.

The main feature of this app, it is the ability of Ms. CAKKHU to identify what the item in the picture is. It is a very simple app to use. You only need to download the app from Google Play store and install it on your device. Another good thing is the app is compatible with most devices.

Once you have the app you open it, take a photo and Ms. CAKKHU will be kind enough to tell you what the item is. In addition, you can go at it as many times as possible until you are bored. How great is that.

Once you take the photography, a response of what the image is will come to your screen. She will ask you whether the picture taken is of what she can relate to and ask you whether it is right. So you have the option to say yes or no.

If the item is as she has identified, if you say yes, another message will appear. She will thank you and ask whether she can send the picture and recognition results for learning. Here again, you have the chance to either say yes or no. If you if you click on yes then the picture is sent and if you say no, nothing happens.

At the same point, you have an option of sharing to different platforms. When it comes to sharing, there is the provision to share the photo and to share the screen capture. It is up to you to decide what to share and with whom to share it with.

You should also note that Ms. CAKKHU is not a know it all and may not always get it right. In the event that she is wrong, she will keep guessing but will get to a point of surrender if she cannot get it right. She will then request that the send the picture and right result giving you an option to accept or decline. If you say yes, she will need you to input the name of the item and send the picture. If you say no, nothing happens. There is also provision for sharing at this point.

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