Claim it ! : Excellent way to win Free Stuff !

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Forget Living social, Groupon, Gilt city or any other mobile App in which you have to fork over your precious ducats in exchange for a cool product. The new ‘Claim it!’ app launched in ‘New York’ city which offers free swag to users and all they have to do is just watch 15 seconds video ad in exchange. ‘Claim it’ is a product give away platform more specially, it is a weekly sweepstakes of awesome free stuff people who can claim for thousands of free products from their smartphones. Users put in a claim on that week’s offers and wait for the Sunday drawing. App works with large, medium and small brands, retailers and advertisers to create incredible value for marketing investment.

Here’s how the Claim it! works,

‘Claim it!’ can be downloaded from Appstore for free and can be registered with just mobile number (No email Id required). Users can view ‘daily’ and ‘weekly’ offers use a claim for those items which he wants to win. You Are automatically considered to win after watching 15 seconds video.


Redeem the prize:

Winners will be drawn weekly every Sunday and will receive a SMS notification along with a unique code. After locating ‘Claim it!’ trucks, winner will get one week to pick up their prizes.

All you have to do is just scan your code to redeem the prize. Every user can their ‘weekly’ claim to win and redeem low value items automatically like snacks, drinks etc., which is in the range of trucks iBeacon.


Additional Features:

Easy Claim and fair winner selection:

It takes even less than one minute to claim an offer. Every Monday,new offers are included which gets expired on following Sundays. User may claim once for every three regular offers. Winners will be drawn on every Sunday by random choice.

Easy Prize Redemption: ‘Claim it!’ offers the chance to win amazing free products in a specific city or town ranging in price from $10 to $599. Everyone can win some lower value items automatically which are in the range of ‘Claim it!’ Beacons truck.

Unique code is provided to each winner to redeem the prize. Only criteria for winner to redeem the prize is that age should be 18 or above.

App For You, Brands, Retailers and advertisers:

It is only App of its kind which gives chance to win amazing free products from awesome brands every week. Popular product giveaway brand are grouped into weekly campaign and treated as the featured content. Claim it! enables largely millennial audience to watch short videos ads. Hence it sells views for advertisers through a chance to claim amazing prizes. ‘Claim it!’ also drives potential customers to directly go to retailer’s store for the chance to win exciting instant prizes through various proximity based special offers.

‘Claim it!’ team has fixed some critical bugs and updated stability for iOS 8.2 in new version 1.2.5. This App has big aims to expand its network to other mega cities near future.

This App really has potential to attract big names for brands campaign and offers high value products to their users. With great transparency in winner selection process and group of fantastic and friendly people in the trucks, this App is really an excellent way to win free stuff. Even if you don’t win a big prize you can still stop by and get a free drink so you always win.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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adminClaim it ! : Excellent way to win Free Stuff !

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