Celltick’s huge database of behavioral data: VisionMobile

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Celltick’s huge database of behavioural data has been mined by VisionMobile to identify the latest trends and changes in the app economy. Celltick, which is known for its global leadership in home screen marketing has made its data available for research to VisionMobile. The report is titled ‘X’ and can be found here for complete details.

The research and analysis has uncovered a lot of interesting and surprising results. Major among these is that Skype is the most installed app on high-end handsets while Facebook messenger is popular only on low-end ones. A high 71 percent of the smartphones in Africa, Asia and the Middle East have been configured with English. Additional striking findings are:

  • New versions of Android are not updated by people immediately. They take time to expand and grow. This is shown by the fact that only 6 percent of the users in South Asia currently deploy the latest versions.
  • Americans do not use Wi-Fi as much as we expect of them. A mere 55 percent of the total time is spent over Wi-Fi.
  • Smart phone users in India use their devices much more than those in Europe. Studies show that an average Indian user unlocks or glances at his phone screen around 36 times an hour. This is a lot more than the average of 16 times in the US.
  • People in Japan make use of cellular networks around 65 percent of their total time. this can be attributed to slow deployment of Wi-Fi and high speed and cheap cellular networks
  • Users in Brazil spend almost 75 percent of their time over Wi-Fi. This is merely a reflection of their urban lifestyle.


Celltick’s Start is a tool that presents tailor made and easy to use start screens for Android phones. This way, they enhance user experience and interaction with their phones. It is extremely easy to launch an app or check status updates. At the same time, these capabilities gather data on the interactions of users with smart phones. This data is combined with other data including mobile operators, phone models, regional usage patterns and network utilization patters to provide a complete database. VisionMobile has analysed this data to bring out key insights which will be useful for developers, manufacturers and mobile operators so as to make the most of their business.

Ramgopal Vidyanand, VP marketing and Business Development found the analysis of the rich data provided by Celltick to be an extremely productive exercise that has helped understand how and why people use their Android phones in the current age. He believes that these insights can be used by players all over the mobile industry to enhance engagement of mobile users and empower them. This will not only create new revenue streams but also maximise the existing ones.


Bill Ray, Senior analyst at VisionMobile said- ““Celltick’s data analytics platform has been able to provide us with rich data at unprecedented detail, enabling us to see how Android phones are really being used in the field. The global nature of Celltick’s customer base enabled us to compare countries, and see how cultural and network differences impact phone use, and uncover some real surprises in the process”.

The good part of the report is that it will benefit all players in the mobile market. For example- mobile operators can use it to figure out the best way to reach out to and engage their audiences regionally; app developers may identify language support trends in geographies and use it to their advantage; or device manufacturers can determine prevalent use cases and maximise access to those. It’s a win-win for everyone.


editor6Celltick’s huge database of behavioral data: VisionMobile

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