TwoDots – Review

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Every puzzle game has its own little challenges, making each one of them unique. With the game of Two Dots however the simple has become complicated to the point of making a challenging game hard to put down. Game have evolved over the years to encompass great graphics, but they lack in game play and the ability to get you … Read More

Earnest RajTwoDots – Review

Kids Math – Review

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The easiest and quickest way for children to improve their knowledge outside of school is for them to play games. The best way for them to learn math problems is for them to repeatedly practice, unfortunately children do not always find learning fun. Kids Math is a fun mathematical tool that allows children to challenge themselves and still feel as … Read More

Earnest RajKids Math – Review

Kids Learn Shapes – Review

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One of the earliest skills a child learns is to differentiate between shapes. Traditionally a parent would show a picture of a simple square or draw a circle, however the Kids Learn Shapes Android App has made it possible to apply these skills to real life objects in an interactive format. The app solves the problem of the busy parent … Read More

Earnest RajKids Learn Shapes – Review

nstaCharge : Strategy and Speed Game !

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We all need a break from our busy schedules every now and then so that the brain can function efficiently. People are different there are those who prefer drinking during their free times and others engage in more productive activities. If there is one thing that everyone agrees on is that games are for everyone. When you find a game … Read More

adminnstaCharge : Strategy and Speed Game !

squawk Mobile – So What’s the Announcement ?

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Hosting a charity event is easy but inviting people to attend it is very difficult. First of all, if you’re inviting each and everybody personally, then you have to tell them separately what the event is all about. Then telling them the exact location is another big headache. If they get it, it’s good; otherwise they’ll knock on your phone … Read More

adminsquawk Mobile – So What’s the Announcement ?

Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls – Review

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Jigsaw Puzzles For Girls is one of the free educational Android apps created by Hedgehog Academy specifically for girls ranging in age from toddlers to children in elementary school. All their games are designed by a professional child psychologist to develop brain functions such as attention spans, spatial cognition, and imagination. This girls app contains two styles of logic game … Read More

Earnest RajJigsaw Puzzles for Girls – Review

InboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !

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For anyone working in an environment whereby they receive many emails, it is crucial to prioritize the most important ones first. It can be quite time-consuming to sift through them manually. An better alternative is to use an inbox app with a mind of its own that can automatically read the user’s thoughts and prioritize his/her inbox for them. The … Read More

adminInboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !

The 10 Best Learning Apps for Kids – The real Scrutinizer

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Nowadays, your child’s education can progress, in great measure, even after school–as there are a variety of different applications for iOS devices that can help enrich your child’s knowledge while he or she is having a ball engaging in them. 1. Math Easy HD Application This application has ten very appealing math-based puzzles that can help your child with counting … Read More

Earnest RajThe 10 Best Learning Apps for Kids – The real Scrutinizer

Baby Hazel Learns Colors – Review

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Baby Hazel Learns Colors is a new game featuring Baby Hazel. In this game Baby Hazel is looking to learn about the different colors. She just got a new doll and is looking for cute clothing to put on it. This game is a fun and creative way to teach child about colors and color identification. Parents like that Baby … Read More

Earnest RajBaby Hazel Learns Colors – Review


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Kids Games: Learning letters by Stork Studio Limited is a fun educational game compatible with a multitude of devices. I downloaded it for my Samsung and couldn’t be happier. It works through play and interaction teaching my daughter about learning how to talk, listen, read and write! The letter catching game has been her favorite so far though she just … Read More