Castle Breakout: The Best Puzzle game

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Puzzle games are always interesting to play. There are many puzzle games available here and there that are easy to sort out. Those games don’t even make you think in difficult situations. But this one Castle breakout is a special one
for the puzzle game lovers. This is proved by Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc.

This is one heck of a game in new puzzle arena. This game takes you in another Era and shows you some fabulous views in different stages of the game. This game connects you with the reality. Sometimes you just stuck in a room and you want to escape whatever the situation you are feeling. In these situations, you just try to find solutions for the problem. This is the that can be helpful to blow up your mind in these situations. It can provide you some clues and little hints to escape the room. So, we can recommend this Escape Game: Castle Breakout to sort out your difficult situations.

This game has difficulty levels to cross. You need to finish each level in a specific time limit. This is the important feature that is used in many of the puzzle games. It can help you to sharpen your mind in time limiting situations. You have to unveil the secret plot in the game in given time.

Oh my goodness, the fundamental task is that you need to just need to act as a security master and ensure that the castle is protected. Nonetheless, a few Forges steel and other do fight with swords. The gameplay is extremely clever and has a charming storyline. It has many-sided intimations and testing puzzles. There are more than 10 levels to play. The diversion is anything but difficult to start and gets more entangled when you continue further and finish the levels. We can say, it’s still hard to put down and is exceptionally addictive.

The graphics of this Castle Breakout are out of the world and of 3D quality. The animations and the sound impacts are extraordinary and great. The amusement is recently magnificent! It gives you an amusement which is so natural and you can zoom every scene.


·It’s free.

·Available on different platforms like Android and iPhone devices.

·They always try to update the game after regular intervals.

·The game has eye-catching graphics.

·It gives you real experience.


·You can cross the 8 levels in the game and if you want to cross the 9th level you have to pay
for it.

·The difficulty level increases as you go further in the game. You just need to buy the hints and stars to cross the level. You can’t overcome the level without clues in the game.

So, appreciate the most medieval ride of your lifetime. This game is not one of them that made you feel bored in playing. Things get more and more interesting when you play further. The difficulty level makes you think in different ways and that is what about a good puzzle game. You can have the game from Internet for free of cost. It’s accessible for free in the Google App Store and iTunes! The game has more than 100 thousand downloads. Download it now! It would be the best thing you ever had.

Check whether you can get away from all the levels of Castle Breakout!

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Mukul AnandCastle Breakout: The Best Puzzle game

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