Buster and the Crystal Bones: 3D platformer worth

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In today’s age, many smart phone games focus on level-ups and paid-for add-on’s in order to receive the best experience in the game . But not this game, it is a 3D platform game developed for iOS devices that requires no add-on’s and doesn’t require you to have a connection to WiFi (after initial download) to play. Most smart phone games today rely upon gimmicks to keep app users playing; from making the game addicting to leaving out an ending (which often makes games more frustrating in the long run).


However, this platform game has an ending and even includes a story line. This game was released October 9, 2015 by Buster Studios (launched in 2014) and features a young dog who is out to reclaim his owner from an evil villain. In this game, buster is a dog from a town named Dogstool and his owner is a professor named James Beagles who works at Dogstool’s institute of Geology, Archaeology, History and Obscure Language Ethnography (DIGAHOLE). Well professor Beagles was in the middle of working on something important when he was captured by the games antagonist and Buster’s arch nemesis Adelbert Adler.


The game focuses on Busters journey to save his professor from Adler while facing many obstacles along the way. The obstacles that game-players often find themselves needing to overcome are things like giant tiki masks, ferocious man-eating plants, dangerous bear traps, and more. There are also many obstacles integrated in the game that act as puzzles rather than being imminent dangers; users have to figure out how to get across platforms without falling, or how to reach higher platforms all while collecting crystal bones. Some platforms require a little more skill than others as you get further into the game, nut that’s all a part of the fun.

There are also breakable boxes and barrels included that will either contain bones, hearts, or nothing at all but game-players have to break them in order to find out. You’re given 3 hearts in the game but if you happen to get hit by an object like a moving stone, or bit by a man-eating plant, you can replenish your hearts with the many that are scattered throughout the game while also being able to increase the amount of “life” your character has left. One of the most difficult challenges users will find themselves needing to overcome are the break-away platforms as jumps need to be timed perfectly in order to keep Buster from falling and most of these platforms contain bones, which can leave users with the difficult task of trying to collect them all while crossing the platform in time.

All-in-all this game is a 3D platformer worth every penny. The game is available in the iTunes AppStore for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Take note that the game requires users to have a device running iOS 7 or later and you must also have at least 175 MB of free space in order to download the game. For more information or to download this game head to the AppStore to check it out.

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