Bubble Witch Saga – Review

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From the creators of the immensely successful Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga for iOS revamps the classic Bubble Bobble or Bubble Blast format with improved graphics and a supernatural heroine as the titular star.

Many people refer to this hybrid of Breakout and match three games as a bubble game, bubble saga, or bubble blaster, but whatever they call it, it amounts to the same thing. In every case, the player has a launcher at the bottom of the screen which fires a specifically colored bubble projectile at a descending wall of more bubbles of various colors. If the bubble fired matches and can join a certain number (usually three or more) of identically colored bubbles, they will all disappear and the score increases. Once all the bubbles which make up the wall are destroyed, or specific items within that wall are released, the level is complete.

In this case, a launcher fires mostly pumpkin-shaped bubbles at a descending field full of more colored pumpkins until enough ingredients are released into the witch’s cauldrons at the very bottom of the screen. Spiders jump around gather bonuses and knock the ingredients in at the end of each level. Power-ups are rarely given but can be purchased in-game, when lives are used up you have to wait for various periods of time until they are replenished and you can play again, and the levels increase in difficulty ridiculously quickly with seemingly no rhyme or reason to their pattern.

Once each level is completed, a quest map appears which denotes the player’s position (level attained). This map shows how many levels have been completed in the form of journey from the very start, and gives an indication of how many uncompleted levels exist. All levels have to be completed with a certain score to successfully finish the “Saga”. The chances of doing this, however, are very slim indeed, and more levels are likely to be added by the developers should too many people start to get close. That’s the fun of these sagas, in a nutshell.

The supernatural and magical elements of Bubble Witch Saga are mostly downplayed except to give names to the various power-ups and challenges. With all these games, the graphical elements are the only thing which sets them apart. Gameplay is the same, but certain themes appeal to different users who are more likely to favor and become addicted to one app over another.

All the Bubble Saga style games have millions of players and are very successful. Bubble Witch Saga is up there with the greatest of them. It’s slick, polished, easy to play, and exists in a similar across multiple operating systems and online platforms. The iOS version is possibly the best looking incarnation of Bubble Witch Saga, and the cost of its in-game purchases seems to reflect that. However, Bubble Witch Saga is a free app which does not require any purchases to play. You only need to spend money if you wish to advance quicker through the game by using power-ups to complete its levels.



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Earnest RajBubble Witch Saga – Review

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