Bonfire Trail: Escape Food Hungry Creatures To Save Your Girlfriend

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Nyx Digital has recently developed and launched an addictive game called Bonfire Trail for iPhone and iPad. The game is similar to many apps out there that require you to tap the screen to move a character named Woby to his destination to complete the level.


Woby and his girlfriend, Layla are meteoroids floating through space, loving on each other, when all of a sudden, a large asteroid comes in between them and causing them to land at different places on an unknown planet.

In this classic man rescues lover game, Woby must go through eighty different levels avoiding the food-hungry creatures to get to his beautiful pink meteorite girlfriend. The creatures are blue cubes that chase after Woby to use him as a fire. Go through all eighty levels avoiding these creatures and you will rescue Layla.

Go through twenty levels in four different themes setting the unknown planet on fire to find the love of your life. In each hard mode level, Woby can collect 3 different types of gems, a diamond, a ruby and a sapphire, while avoiding the hungry creatures. If you manage to collect all of the gems for each level, it will unlock a nice side story.



The game comes complete with eighty different levels, with twenty of them in four different themes. These themes include a forest, a desert, a swamp and a strange theme that resembles the bottom of a sea.

The game is quick and easy to play, most rounds can be completed in under 30 seconds with just a couple of taps to the screen. The game has been designed to play with one finger, which makes this game playable even while trying to do something like writing a review for the app.

The game comes with an easy mode and a hard mode. The easy mode comes with unlimited clicks and you do not have the ability to collect gems, so no side story if you get all the way through. The easy mode allows you to play quickly and win almost every time.

If you are up for a challenge, then play the hard mode where you are only allowed 3 taps on the screen. This has been challenging so far, but I have managed to make it halfway through collecting a majority of the gems. Side story here I come!

Should I Play?

The app game is nothing new, and there have been many apps with the same idea of getting from one place to another with only limited taps and trying to collect objects at the same tim. If you can get over that the simplicity of this game and the unique levels are what draws me to the game.

Each level is uniquely hand drawn and though some of the levels can become too crowded with trees and tree trunks it is still a fun game. The app is running for $1.99 in US Apple iTunes store, a price I think is well worth the fun it will provide while waiting for the bus, your friend to pick you up, waiting in grocery line, or trying to write an app review.

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