Blown Away: First Try Review: Teleport, Explore and find your house!

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Technology for mobile games is advancing and with it comes more robust mobile games and ‘serious titles’. Blown Away: First Try is one of those games which makes it perfect for serious gamers and more casual mobile gamers also. It’s a Platform game with an Arcade twist from developer Black Pants Game Studio. The game can be bought on iOS and Android devices however the first 30 levels of the game are available for free.

The idea of the game is pretty straightforward; the playable character is called Hendrik, and his house was blown away by the wind. His objective is to find the remains of his house by use of his sole possession, a pair of teleporting shoes. Pieces of his house can be found all over the levels, and the hero needs to collect all of the wreckage such as pieces of the house, furniture and other items from his home. The path to doing this is dangerous, however, and plenty stands in his way as he frantically tries to gather the fragments of his once beloved home.

To move across each level, the player can walk, jump and teleport to different areas to avoid the obstacles or enemies and to finish the level. Teleporting makes it easier to travel to awkward spots as Hendrik can use his magical shoes to teleport through walls and into new areas; his teleport ability is limited however so it cannot be used infinity.

The batteries limit this teleport ability, and he can only teleport when his battery is full, he also needs to be on the floor to charge his battery so he cannot do so in the air or while teleporting. This means the player needs to think a little bit strategically to plan where he will teleport to next. Falling off the platform will kill him and cause a level restart.

The controls for the game are easy to understand and use; to move Hendrik, the player just needs to tap where they want to send him. As the teleport feature is limited, however, the player requires precision and timing to teleport at just the right moment and get the charge back to make the next teleport. There’s quite a bit of skill involved in Blown Away: First Try especially in the later levels of the game where the player has more than one battery and teleports become more complicated.

Blown Away: First Try has four different worlds and 120 levels currently; all of them require the player to teleport around to find the house fragments. It’s a beautiful game, even by non-mobile game standards and the 3D cartoon-like graphics suit it very well.

Platformers will love this game, and it’s perfect for serious gamers also; there’s plenty of skill involved in this game and it may take a while to beat the later levels in the game. If you’re not sure about this game, then the first 30 levels are available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Adam WolfeBlown Away: First Try Review: Teleport, Explore and find your house!

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