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I download the Blacklane app for my iPhone. My first impression of the Black lane app is that it was a very luxury and professionally designed application. Upon opening up the app for the first time I was first shown a loading screen with a professional driver in luxury car wearing a finely tailored suit, which then gave me the immediate vibe that this is a professional service which made me feel extra comfortable as a user.

After that I was then prompted to enter two addresses for pick-up and drop-off. So I decided to enter addresses in the state of Texas that I travel to frequently: I entered my home address for pick-up and my work address for drop-off. Also beneath those columns I discovered a section that allows me to choose pick up time and date to ensure on time arrival of my luxury car for my convenience. I really enjoyed that feature and found it to be very user friendly, having the opportunity to choose pick up time and date creates the feeling that I am ordering a limo.

This feature uses a 3 column scroll menu with large readable text that even an elderly person would be able to read with ease which gives this app bonus points for user friendliness. Furthermore on the next screen I was prompted with an additional information screen that allows me to enter a pick up sign, reference number and any extra notes for the driver. Not sure what a pick up sign is but if you have nothing to fill out, the that app simply allows you to skip by hitting the next button. On the next screen it gives you the option to choose a car class, car class options are: Business Class, Business Van/SUV & last but not least First class.

Each class is represented with a high definition example picture of a car of that class, number of maximum passengers, maximum amount of bags allowed and of course the price. The app allows you to comfortably choose your car class within the app with the swipe of a finger. It also give you the total price for any class of your choosing which includes VAT, fees and the driver tip. Once you are done choosing your car class you are then prompted to enter you credit/debit card information to pay for your ride.

The app saves debit/ credit card information for use for future rides which is very convenient for anyone who does not like entering their payment information over again. The app also features a ride history section, support section, and legal section where you can view the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Overall I really love this app and find it more convenient to use than the uber rider service application. It’s elegant design, fancy features and large text make ordering a car feel like more of an experience instead of just spending money. This app deserves 5 stars in all angles: design, user friendliness, and delivery. I would reccomend this app to anyone who is looking for luxury car service that can be ordered with just the tip of their fingers.

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