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 We all love weddings but we forget all the work that goes in a wedding preparation by the couple, family and organizers. The event can be so stressful that the marriage actually becomes a burden and the couple may not live their happy ever after dream. In wedding planning one is required to look at a number of things. Most importantly is the budget and making sure everything runs in a well synchronized manner. This is not easy to achieve by any means and most often than not leaves the couple financially stretched and stressed out. Luckily there has been a number of well developed apps to help you run this day of day as smooth as possible. With wedding planning apps, things are made much easier, best of all you can plan your wedding at any place, as all you need is your phone or tablet. It also saves you money that you can employ in other sections of the wedding budget as it reduces the need for a wedding planning company. Below is a list of apps that I think will help you plan the day more effectively.

The Knot

knotThe knot is my favorite app because of the features it has. This is a one stop shop for everything wedding planning that you need to do. On the knot you will find real photos of wedding that can help you borrow ideas from others. It also helps you find vendors and wedding organizers in your area. The app also has a checklist to help you not forget any bit of detail in your planning . The app has saved clips from actual weddings. This is also a lot of help for anyone planning a wedding. It also helps you keep you budget as it has a budget monitoring tool. As you can see the app has everything that is needed in planning a successful wedding.

A wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life. It should then be made as special and flawless as possible. With these apps they get that closer to making it as amazing as possible. After all a wedding day is the beginning of the rest of a couple’s life.


Wedding wire

This app was so successful that they had to split the app to four different apps to help you maximize each apps full potential.

Wedstyle app; was designed to help you look through the current trends of weddings and pick which best suits you. In case you cannot decide on what dress you want you can simply upload it and get feedback from the wedding wire community.

Wedding wire app; this app does the basis wedding planning routine. This includes budgeting and writing a guest list

. Wedsocial app; this is like a social network for weddings. You can upload all you wedding photos here for the guest to see. You can also share all the wedding details needed such as guest list and venue and all you need to convey.

Wed team app; the app has a list of wedding vendors and their reviews from other people. You can easily choose the best wedding planners and vendors from this app.

I like this apps because they are a variety and you can pick any of them that you can use conveniently.

8. Fitocracy

This is not a wedding planning app precisely; it is more of a fitness app. But we all want to look at our level best and keeping fit is one way to achieve that. Ladies want to fit in that dream gown that they have been dreaming of from when they were kids. The gents want to look amazing in that fitting tuxedo you choose. Keeping fit will not only make you look amazing but also lift you confidence and everyone will notice you glowing as you walk down the aisle. The app tracks you physical activity as you count down to the D-day. It has motivational tools such as gathering points and getting budges. My favorite tool on this app is the interacting with other ��fitocrats’. You can go on one on one completion to see who the better athlete is. This not only adds more motivation, but keeps you striving to be better. With this app, by the time your wedding day arrives you will be looking sharp and fit.

7. Jawbone Up.

This is another fitness up that you can use to get ready for your wedding day. This app comes with a wristband that you buy separately from the app. The wristband monitors your sleep, movement and eating. By doing so ensures you are on the right diet and your sleep is enough. Its major function is to monitor your stress levels during this period. Wedding planning can be very stressful but with this app it ensures you control it. The band is at sync with the app on your phone and as such ensures data is sent to the phone on real time and advices you on what to do next. It has a daily goal oriented formula. This is a way to help you deal with the days problems at hand. It also has a milestone set to help you see the progress you have made in the specified time.

6. Evernote

One of the most difficult things during wedding planning is assigning tasks for each individual. With this wedding planning app, the couple can create a list with each individuals tasked marked with a different colors. The tasks completed can be ticked. Since each individual can update the list from their phone, your spouse will see that the task is completed from their end.

5. Cozi

This wedding planning app is also a to-do list specialist. The app has the ability to share calendars and has alert options to let you know when exactly you are supposed to complete a task. It also keeps the day’s activity on a tight schedule to ensure you complete all the days’ tasks as needed. The app is available on IOS and android phones.

4. Mint

The wedding budget can be one of the most challenging things to do during a wedding. One need s to stick to their budget, they do not want to start struggling immediately after the wedding. Mint is a budget tracker app. It has alerts to help you know how much you have left in your budget. It helps you set priorities. Their some things that are vital in order for a wedding to be successful and some are just novelties. Mint helps you judge and advices you on what to do.

3. David’s Bridal App

David’s bridal is a chain of bridal wedding gowns and accessories that is well established. They developed their own app to help simplify wedding planning by offering all their services through the app. You can browse their gowns and accessories online and make a choice before actually going to the store. After making you choice you can track the nearest store nearest by using GPRS. The store also has many benefits for their app users just to encourage the use of the app. They have offers sales and rewards such as winning a gown for their app users.





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