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There’ s a voice changing Android app called, fittingly enough, Best Voice Changer.

With Best Voice Changer, you can record your voice then add multiple effects. Speed your voice up or slow it down. Add ambient background effects such as being in a crowd, in the rain, at the library, on an airplane or in the midst of battle. You can even add an echo or a chorus to your voice recording.

Best Voice Changer offers so many fun options for changing the sound of your voice. You can sound like a robot, a chipmunk, a cat, a child, a megaphone or countless other funny voices. Simply swipe to change the sound of your recorded voice. What’s funnier than a chorus of chipmunks heading into battle? Not much. Your recording can be played back instantly and sent or saved as a .wav file. Return later to edit it. One thing the Best Voice Changer won’t do is change the sound of your voice while you’re on the phone.

This little app was a good deal of fun to play around with, it certainly entertained my kids and me for a good long while. A user friendly interface made it easy to get the hang of it and naturally we had to try every possible combination of voices we could. Having tried other voice changers, I can say that this one had better sound than most and more options as well. Pretty good for a free app. I should point out that this app will run ads.

You could send your modified .wav files as messages if you’d like, or post them on social media. Have some fun with it. It takes a bit of searching to find the files the first time you use it but for the most part it’s pretty easy to use. There is no maturity rating on this app so it’s perfect for letting the kids entertain themselves in the car or at home. I’ve often let my kids keep themselves occupied with apps like Talking Tom but this voice changer does so much more, in addition to being able to record. Be warned, when your child finds a favorite voice combination, you’ll be hearing it over and over!

All in all, the Best Voice Changer app is a fun, easy to use and versatile piece of software that will keep you and your family entertained for a long time.


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Earnest RajBest Voice Changer – Review

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