Baby Hazel Learns Colors – Review

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Baby Hazel Learns Colors is a new game featuring Baby Hazel. In this game Baby Hazel is looking to learn about the different colors. She just got a new doll and is looking for cute clothing to put on it. This game is a fun and creative way to teach child about colors and color identification.

Parents like that Baby Hazel is an educational game. There are different activities in which Baby Hazel is going to ask for a specific color and the child has to find something of that color on the screen. There are different levels to this game. Level one starts off basic with just few colors to choose from. As the player advances to the other levels they will have to find color patterns and there will be more colors to choose from. Parents like this game because it is appropriate for small children to play. Baby Hazel is young just like they are. Parents also like this game because their children are learning their colors and different color patterns while they plan. Children like the game because it is fun to play. The colors are also appealing to them. Children do not even mind that they are playing an educational game.

Baby Hazel Learns Colors can be downloaded on most smartphones. It is available through the Google Play store and can be downloaded on the iphone as well. This game is free of charge to play which for some makes it even more appealing.

In addition to learning colors on the game the background is bright and colorful to look at. The graphics are very vivid and make the game even more fun. The player gets to go to many different rooms for Baby Hazel searching for colors. They will be in the living room, outdoors, and even looking for color combinations in the kitchen. There is new scenery as the levels advance as well. The pace of the game also picks up in the upper levels as well.

Baby Hazel Learns Colors is fun to play. There are some complicated directions. Just start the game and start matching the colors. This game is fun for adults to play as well. Some of the upper levels do get rather challenging when color patterns are asked to be matched. This game is fun, educational, and easy to play. It is a great app to have and to play on the go.


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Earnest RajBaby Hazel Learns Colors – Review

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