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Being a android device user myself I use my phone hours a day and sometimes it lags which I don’t like because of the extra junk files and cache files my device have. It is not able to delete the unwanted junk files manually and everyone needs an app that can do it for you on its own. Due to these small files an android phone can lag and it even can cause the phone to loose important files some times. I needed an app which can help me to increase my android device processing speed and without any junk files which takes a lot of space.


Optimizers are pretty common these days but this optimizer app is not like the other apps and it can optimize the phone on its own. It is easy to use and you can set time intervals when you want to get rid of the unwanted files and increase the processing speed. I wanted an app for a long time that can help me with my device lagging problem. This app is very easy and it increases the speed of your phone. It also displays the memory and battery info which helps you to know your device left space in much easier way. Not only it makes you device much more functional but


it also have a battery saver feature built in which is a great help when your device have low battery.It also releases a large amount of memory by removing a large amount unwanted and cache files. Every user can adjust the settings as his own needs. You can optimize and save battery of your device with just one app.To make the app more user friendly is also have shortcut function and widgets. With just one touch remove all the unwanted files and increase the processing speed by 20 times more fast functioning. To keep your device form security problems it also deletes your browser history to help you keep your search private. The displayed details helps you to know your device details in much more easier way. It can also kill apps and save memory when your phone screen is turned off. plus it also have inbuilt sound effect on to notify you that the phone has been optimized.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on application which is perfect in this case as it is available at on 50 Indian rupees. I was not able to find any other app that was this effective and which had an battery saver feature built in . I don’t think any other apps have as many features as this one app have itself. As a user I am very impressed with the app and would recommend this app to anyone who wants an lag free android device and with an amazing processing speed. If you need an app that can help you with your device lagging problem and increase your device battery life so you can use it for a much longer time “Auto Optimizer” is the app you need. There are no compatibility issue as it is compatible with every android device. One app does it all try yourself and feel the difference using your device.

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