Auto Law Pro: Assist You in Accidents and Traffic

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Designed by Smith Luby Holdings, Auto Law Pro is an iPhone application that was designed to assist individuals in collecting all the relevant information in case of a car accident or when one is issued with a traffic ticket. For individuals who might be deliberating what to do or what sort of information is relevant when they are involved in a car accident, or in case of a traffic violation, then this application was definitely designed for you.


Key Features

Like the way the name suggests, Auto Law Pro is an application that was designed to assist individuals who might find themselves with various questions about the legal issues that may be required in case of a traffic violation or in case of an accident. The application allows users to key in their specific issues of concern, then after putting in the information, Auto Law Pro works by generating information about the various legal options that are available in these scenarios.

In addition, Auto Law Pro can be used to locate lawyers within the user’s neighborhood and also it can assist the user in organizing all the relevant information that may regard an accident into one specific area or location. I.e. the application will show you a specific location where you can be assisted accordingly. By having all this information at one place, the user will be able to deal with insurance companies and attorneys effectively since the application creates enough room for you to jot down everything that will be needed. In addition, this application can be used to store emergency contacts if the user chooses to.


The Layout and Appearance

The appearance and the layout of Auto Law Pro is very simple and user friendly in nature, which in turn makes it very easy to create an Auto Law Pro account. Because of its simple layout, moving from one feature to another is very easy, while the overall layout of the app is crispy clean. The fonts used in this application are eye appealing while the home screen of the application is very impressive. Apart from the home screen, the amount of graphics used in this application was kept at a minimum, which on the brighter side goes hand in hand with the main purpose of this application.

Unlike any other informative application, Auto Law pro is a free application, hence users will not have to use their cash purchasing the application. By being offered free of charge, individuals who might not like the application would not have gone at a loss. In terms of service delivery, Auto Law Pro has been designed to perfection hence unquestionably gets the job done. After jotting down all the necessary information, the user can then use google or SIRI depending on the type of information that has been communicated by the application.


For an application that is below 7mb in size, Auto Law Pro undeniably gets the job done effectively. In addition, the application’s much simpler layout definitely makes in app navigation very much easier especially for individuals who are using the application for the first time. Available on both the IOS and Android platforms, Auto Law Pro is for individuals who might be looking for the relevant assistance in case of a traffic violation or in case of an accident.

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