Best wedding planning apps

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 We all love weddings but we forget all the work that goes in a wedding preparation by the couple, family and organizers. The event can be so stressful that the marriage actually becomes a burden and the couple may not live their happy ever after dream. In wedding planning one is required to look at a number of things. Most … Read More

adminBest wedding planning apps

Mobile Apps For Events & Event Marketers

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Event planning can be a very complicated process if you do not organize matters from before and not have the right mobile event guide apps. Even if it is a small program like a seminar of 10 persons or a massive conference of 5000 people, the process of event planning remains the same. In both cases, accuracy, precision and efficiency … Read More

adminMobile Apps For Events & Event Marketers

Making Files Smaller with the Movavi Video Converter

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Video files are notorious for consuming a lot of storage space and as a rule of thumb the higher the bitrate and the resolution, the larger the file size. High definition (HD) video in particular can consume several gigabytes for a single movie, and while that may not be a big issue when you’re working with terabytes worth of storage … Read More

adminMaking Files Smaller with the Movavi Video Converter

Pyrus: Organize Multiple Tasks Easily !

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Pyrus is a web based app that lets you organizes multiple tasks and projects into one interface and work seamlessly on them with others. You can set and change deadlines and bring in new collaborators with the touch of a finger. For most user Pyrus is absolutely free, but in order to collaborate with 13 people or more you’ll need … Read More

adminPyrus: Organize Multiple Tasks Easily !

Claim it ! : Excellent way to win Free Stuff !

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Introduction: Forget Living social, Groupon, Gilt city or any other mobile App in which you have to fork over your precious ducats in exchange for a cool product. The new ‘Claim it!’ app launched in ‘New York’ city which offers free swag to users and all they have to do is just watch 15 seconds video ad in exchange. ‘Claim … Read More

adminClaim it ! : Excellent way to win Free Stuff !

Journeyful : Promising Travel Organizer

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Out of the innumerable travel websites a countable number gains the trust of their clients. It is believed Journeyful is one of them. With the list of a vast number of regions in US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean, Asia Pacific and Australia it has a promising number of choices from which you can choose your stay at that place. It ranges … Read More

adminJourneyful : Promising Travel Organizer

nstaCharge : Strategy and Speed Game !

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We all need a break from our busy schedules every now and then so that the brain can function efficiently. People are different there are those who prefer drinking during their free times and others engage in more productive activities. If there is one thing that everyone agrees on is that games are for everyone. When you find a game … Read More

adminnstaCharge : Strategy and Speed Game !

squawk Mobile – So What’s the Announcement ?

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Hosting a charity event is easy but inviting people to attend it is very difficult. First of all, if you’re inviting each and everybody personally, then you have to tell them separately what the event is all about. Then telling them the exact location is another big headache. If they get it, it’s good; otherwise they’ll knock on your phone … Read More

adminsquawk Mobile – So What’s the Announcement ?

InboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !

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For anyone working in an environment whereby they receive many emails, it is crucial to prioritize the most important ones first. It can be quite time-consuming to sift through them manually. An better alternative is to use an inbox app with a mind of its own that can automatically read the user’s thoughts and prioritize his/her inbox for them. The … Read More

adminInboxMind iPhone App: The Best Mail Manager !