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I have just downloaded the Audials Radio Player and Recorder and so far I am intrigued and highly impressed with it. Never have I had so many radio stations in one place before. Along with the 1000’s of radio stations (over 80,000 to be precise) there are multiple podcasts to listen to also. Here are some of the main aspects you can expect when downloading this app for your Android device.
When the app is first opened there is a clear and concise colourful interface prominently displaying all the key features. The colour scheme for the app can also be altered from dark to light in the menu under ‘appearances’ if you feel you want to change it to suit your own preferences. The first thing that truly caught my attention was the ‘Radio’ button. When you open up this function it brings up a series of options, genres, countries, local stations and top hits playing right now etc.

You have the opportunity to then select a radio station from almost anywhere in the world either by country or by the genre of music you are interested in listening to at that time. When you find the potential radio station for you it gives the user the option to favourite this station to make it easier to listen to in the future.

The podcast feature is quite sleek too in the fact that there are so many to choose from. No matter what genre of podcast you feel like listening to there is one to suit your individual tastes. You can listen to anything from comedy, current affairs, education and politics to business or art and literature. There really is a vast selection and all very audible and great quality to listen to.

From the home screen of the app itself you can quickly move from radio station to podcast with extreme ease and without too much hassle. Both the radio station and the podcast features show your most recent activity making it even easier to pick up where you left off with your last podcast or your most listened to radio station.
Another excellent feature to Audials Radio Player is it can record podcasts and music from your chosen radio station. All your recordings can be stored under the username you use when signing up with the app.

It means you can save all the hassle of trying to find a station that is playing your favourite music or podcast you always find entertaining if you have it recorded already to use when you want to. All songs and podcasts can be stored to your cloud or SD card. You can even listen to these recordings without wifi or internet access making it possible to listen to them anywhere at anytime.

If like most people you prefer to listen to your music and podcasts on other devices over and above your android phone then you can sync Audials Player with your computer, home entertainment system or even your car.

Audials Radio Player and Recorder is a must for anyone who has a passion for music and podcasts. The variation of music, entertainment and culture across the app will never get boring plus it might even extend your musical tastes to another level.

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editor6Audials Radio Player and Recorder : Must Try App

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