Arranged Marriage – Run for your LOVE

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The hottest app for the hottest Singles is out here.If you are thinking of getting out of the clutches of arranged marriage,here’s your chance.Well at least for the fun part of it.Junglee Games have come up with a mind-boggling game called ‘Arranged Marriage’.You will be in for a pleasant surprise once you get your hands on it.


Just think of it! You are in deep love with someone but there is a constant pressure from the family to get into the arranged marriage mode.What will you do?Obviously the obvious…Run! Run! Run!.That is what this game is all about.Its a very light-hearted dig at the idea of arranged marriage and takes you through the fresh and innovative journey of game play and a social issue.The best thing about the game is that it explores all the issues and beliefs related to the subject ‘Arranged marriage’ without stressing you out.
The game can be downloaded from the Google Apps store for free.Of course there are In-app purchases but mind you! for a game as creative and skillful,yet so simple and easy on mind,spending some bucks is not that hard on the pockets.The game has some very beautiful locations and the colors and the characters add life to it,especially the white horse which is your ticket to escape from the clutches of arranged marriage.It feels right out from a Bollywood Movie scene wherein you are running from your to be spouse with whom of course! you don’t want to be.


The game provides you with an eye catching 3D gaming experience.You can sprint through cities,traffic;slide under the pillars;jump over the hurdles;and of course the best part; ride on the horse.Just like all other running games,even here you can collect coins,boost your strength, double your coins,get power-ups, get protection from hurdles through shield and magnets and a lots more.It even has power-ups for your horse which makes it even more interesting and fun.Its all about your skills and reflexes that can get you over the line.If you hit the incoming traffic it can cost you your freedom to marry on your will.Also there are three different themes wherein you can run through three different cities.The best runaway bride or groom depending on the reflexes and skill can ultimately escape from the clutches of arrange marriage.

Hang ON! There’s more to it.For all the socialites, bring on your wolf pack and challenge each other to see who can run faster and collect the highest number of coins.Its a fun way to keep in touch after all.You can even boost of your scores and achievements on Facebook.So guys and gals if you are fed up of the constant pressures of arranged marriages in your life,this is the app to take out your frustration on and coming out as a winner.Well of course as in real life you need skills here too.So Get Out and Get Running!

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