Appodeal : Great Mediation Service For Boosting Revenue in Mobile Marketing

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One major core purpose of a business is to make significant profits from the investment made. This objective cannot be fully achieved if the right strategies to facilitate it have not been put into place. In most cases, the preferred option is based on promoting the business to the outside market in order to attract potential customers. For the online business platform, the use of ads works out perfectly well especially if the site is well optimized to make it visible to potential clients. Surprisingly, such businesses can be conducted perfectly using the mobile devices.

Interestingly, an amazing sevice known as Appodeal has been unveiled at the right time to perfectly assist those who undertake mobile marketing. This especially involves those individuals dealing with apps design and creation and then engaging different ads into their app. Appodeal is committed in ensuring that such app developers can gain profit from the ads placed on their app sites. How is this process efficiently facilitated? Actually, Appodeal enhances perfect and complete optimization of ads which can attract huge earnings and tracks them down. Once such ads are adopted, they can indeed improve the earnings of the mobile marketers.

What Features Does Appodeal Entails

Here are some of the components that the app developers are bound to experience from Appodeal:

Quick Integration of SDK

In order to boost its operation, Appodeal facilitates fast and efficient integration of SDK into an application. This SDK contains codes that extend only to ten lines.The process which takes about an hour ensures that the app is linked to this Appodeal to boost its online market operation.

Only a Single account setup

Interestingly, this amazing service has been designed in a way that its users can operate all their ads campaigns using only a single account. This makes it quite easy to manage it rather than in the case of many separate accounts. Meanwhile, payout and transactions can be done effectively using the account that has been set up.

Great exposure to different advertisers

Appodeal offers an incredible chance for app developers to get different ads from advertisers. The ads can be made available through different ad networks and other available links.Appodeals plays a significant role in ensuring that the most profitable ads are adopted by the app developers to boost their mobile marketing.

Optimization of ads automatically

This is one of the essential features found in Appodeal that facilitate ranking of different ads in relation to their performance on the online platform. After conducting a perfect search (based on customer’s interests and demographics), Appodeal brings out a list of well-optimized ads that can be adopted. On the other hand, those ads that display low performances are will totally be blacklisted as they cannot efficiently bring out efficient output.

The Integration Process of Appodeal

Apparently, one will come to realize that the process of connecting the app to the Appodeal is pretty easy and takes a considerably short time to fully integrate.

Below are simple systematic steps that are to be followed:

Submission of request

This is the initial step where the app makes a request to get connected with the Appodeal. Once the request is submitted, one has to wait for response from the Appodeal.

Making distinct comparison

Once the request is received, the next thing Appodeal performs will be trying to compare the RTB exchange offers made with those from the Ad networks to check their suitability for the app.

Tracking of User’s interest

How can this be achieved? Actually, Appodeal checks on the taste and preferences of the user and their behavior in relation to different app-related issues. This helps it to conclusively arrive at what is required by the user.

Presenting the Most Profitable ads

Once the search and the optimization process has been concluded, Appodeal displays the best and most profitable type of ad that can be applied into the app. This ad can ultimately result to increased earnings once adopted.

It is clear that Appodeal is committed in serving different ads in relation to the revenue that they yield instead of focusing on the bids provided by the advertisers.

Here are some of the pros and cons encountered in this Appodeal App:

· Enhances generation of huge revenues pretty fast

· The ads placed on the web work really efficiently

· Great improvement in eCPM

· Absolutely cost effective- no mediation commissions at all

· Great exposure to almost 100% of top ads in the entire world


· Requires great space and strong supporting devices

· Mild performance experienced sometimes

Final Verdict

When it comes to business marketing intermediation, Appodeal perfectly feels that gap. Having been designed and developed by professional app developers, it has absolutely taken into account great performance, high quality formation and affordability features. This makes it outstanding and worth purchasing in order to boost online business. Quick integration is available for app developers from the link given at its website Let that app get integrated today!

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