Appodeal – Best ad monetization provider for Apple TV

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Appodeal is a very robust and provides effective programmatic advertisement mediation service. Appodeal gives a very tough competition for Google’s AdMob and it manages to retain its customer with its variety of advertising campaigns. Appodeal is very well known for its higher eCPMs and instant payouts. Appodeal has been a revolution in the ad monetization market and it is mainly target for the app developers. With its very simple and straight forward SDK integration, Appodeal solves the pain of developers easily.

Appodeal supports major operating systems like Android and iOS. Appodeal has extended its cross platform integration of the ad mediation campaignы to the apps on Apple TV. With the increased growth of the tvOS apps count, Appodeal’s decision to extend its support will probably attract more developers. The projected ad eCPM is also expected to be much higher for Apple TV apps compared to smartphones and tablet apps, as the quality of banners and video there matches with the resolution of Apple TVs.

Since 2007, Apple has sold 37 million units Apple TVs and made it to be a major part of everyone’ life. Watching your favorite shows in a high quality big screens never stops to amuse you. With more and more Android Smart TVs coming into the market, Apple’s main focus is now to establish their strong hold in the Smart TV market. Their innovation to integrate tvOS with siri has taken the Apple TV to a next level and it recognizes all the future streaming apps very effectively. Appodeal makes the deal sweeter for the developers by extending its support to tvOS.

Appodeal is the trusted ad mediation service with just one simple sdk. By creating one account you will gain access to almost all the ad networks with just one SDK. The simplified code of the SDK makes the work of developers very easy and the integration with your apps won’t even take more than hour. Appodeal allows you to embed advertisements from major partners like Applovin and spotxchange. It’ very easy to customize the format of advertisements like a video with skip option, videos which earns rewards, a 30 second video without skip option, etc.

Appodeal’s customer support has known to be the best in the market. You can just initiate a chat session just from their website and they are available to provide a valuable service. Appodeal never charges any commission which is a big plus as it’s very tough to find a trustworthy ad mediation service without commission fees. Appodeal provides a real-time comparison and it analyzes to find out the best and profitable advertisements. It tracks user behaviors and provides optimal advertisements that suits well for the users through its varied ad networks.

Appodeal provides a JSON api with which you can create your own dashboards reports to monitor your performance and stats. It even has an affiliate program to allow users from earning through referrals. Immediate and daily payout through PayPal, wire transfer, bitcoin, webmoney are a great plus. It’s really a win-win situation for app developers.

editor6Appodeal – Best ad monetization provider for Apple TV

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