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Apple and IBM announced their strategic plan to collaborate over the next year in the field of enterprise mobility.  The once competitors of the personal computer market have decided to work together in a new market outside of that long-time rivalry ring.  The goal of the strategic partnership is to dive into developing market of enterprise mobility.  With 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and 92 percent of Global 500 companies using IOS devices, and the upcoming release of iOS 8, tailor-made enterprise applications for iPhone and iPad are the next logical step in creating a continued and exceptional end user experience.  With the hardware choice a no brainer, the decision to have IBM – who has strayed from hardware to focus on software and analytics – handle the development side was also an easy choice.

The companies have narrowed down their focus into four key strengths that will be the driving force behind the projects.

–       business applications specifically designed for iPhone and iPad.

–       IBM mobile device management, security, analytics, and cloud services for iOS

–       A new enterprise focused segment of AppleCare

–       Device package offerings from IBM

With mobile applications revolutionizing the way businesses are able to operate or expand, IBM and Apple are leveraging each other’s reputations in hopes of creating market leading products and services to top the industry.  BlackBerry, known for its security and status in the business world, may have just met it’s match, The plan is to start the focus on healthcare, banking, retail, travel, telecommunications, transportation, and insurance and release the first apps this fall.

Noticeably absent from the entire Apple and IBM partnership marketing approach is any mention of OS X or Mac.  This begs the question, is this more of a union between the mobility department of Apple and the software side of IBM?  There have been suggestions that eventually IBM will start developing for Apple computers as well, a natural progression from mobile applications since so many must bridge the gap between devices.  If this is the case, it could mean an even larger market for Apple to expand into, since PC still holds the majority of desktops and laptops  in cubicles today.  Hopefully any remaining hesitations business customers have over embracing Apple for enterprise use can be assuaged knowing that IBM, a veteran in the business world, is providing the security.  Regardless, data gathering and analysis in the business world is about to get a workflow makeover, and the way this is utilized will change the way businesses are able to use that information, and better serve customers.

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