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When Android Inc. first released the Android based Smartphone back in 2008, little did anyone know that it set off a ripple effect which would go on to revolutionize the technological industry as a whole. Even though Apple was a year ahead of Android to release their version of the Smartphone, it was Google sponsored Android Inc. which truly helped the Smartphone evolve as a device made for everyone. And with the Smartphone revolution, came the infamous Applications or App’s as they were popularly called, which brought about the next upgrade for the Technological Era. But as the Smartphone and all of its App’s went on to form a multi-trillion dollar industry, it sent developers head first into a never-ending battle to create an App which would not only earn them a lot of money, but also stand out as the next benchmark in the world of Apps. However, it did not take long for the collective minds of the App industry to realize that without the proper App Testing Tools, most developers didn’t even stand a chance in the ever-growing pool of App’s. And to help developers, both young and old to have that much needed edge over the rest, here are the 10 most useful App testing tools that no developer can do without.


Platforms : Android, iOS
Price : Free

Back in the day when the Smartphone App was at its infancy, like any other computer based software before it, developers had to select a test group and have their App’s thoroughly tested by the group. Even though the test group did allow the developers to get a good idea about the strength and weaknesses of their app, it also placed forward a problem in-front of them in the form of real time updates. The developers could not update the App on the fly with newer versions and every time they fixed even the smallest of bugs, the developers had to update the App manually. Which was both exhausting and frustrating, and prolonged the test period by days. And this is exactly where TestFlight comes into play. TestFlight gives developers a chance to create a test group and distribute the Beta App throughout the group, without having to upload the App into Android/iOS stores or manually install it into each phone. With TestFlight, developers get real time update of which tester received/installed the app and the feedback submitted by the tester, so that they can fix the bugs, create new builds and send the new version to the testers phone without having to leave the office.


Platforms : Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac OS
Price : $5/ mo – $120/ mo

If you are one of those people who develops App’s 24hours a day and want to have all of your App’s tested at once, then the HockeyApp is exactly the thing which you need. Unlike its name, HockeyApp has nothing to do with Hockey. Rather it is one of the most complete App testing tools which gives developers a chance to distribute multiple Apps for testing amongst testers and have complete insight on its performance with the testers. HockeyApp gives developers a chance to monitor how their App’s are performing and how many times their App’s have crashed, creating an in-depth Crash Reports which covers everything from why the App crashed and what activity caused the App the crash. HockeyApp also submits real-time tester Feedback to the developer, based on which the developer can create upgrades and future build versions to improve the overall performance of the App. But the feature which makes HockeyApp stand out is the in-depth Analytics report which helps the developers understand which part of the App requires more attention from the rest and what can be done to improve the App overall. The HockeyApp basic plan starts from $5 per month for testing 5 App’s to $120 per month for 120 testing App’s with 20 owners account.


Platform : Android, iOS
Price : Free – $100/ 50 review

ElusiveStars is one of those old school App testing tools, who test the App on behalf of the developer and submit a review based on the testers experience. And for those developers who truly understand the value of old school testing, there is no better tool than ElusiveStar. Even though there is no actual App for the developer to download here, ElusiveStar has quickly emerged as one of the most prominent tools available today because of the in-depth review provided by testers. This tool works in a very simple 6 step process:

—- Tester buys the package they want to use
—- Uploads App with all details like pictures, link, target device etc.
—- Testers apply with their registered device.
—- Developer approve tester
—- Tester Downloads and tests the app, reviewing all categories and functions
—- Tester submits report
For young developers who are new to the game, ElusiveStar may not look like a tool that they want to use. But if you want a neutral, in-depth opinion from a tester to help improve your App and develop future plans and upgrades based on the results, then there is no better place than ElusiveStar.


Platforms : Android, iOS
Price : Free trial – $1599 / year


When developers approach Testin, the first and most common reaction that most people have is the that it’s too expensive. But for the people who can look beyond the overwhelming price tag, Testin is one of the most popular App testing tools to hit the market. And what makes Testin one of the best tools available today is the sheer fact that the assigned App gets tested by more than 80% of Smart Mobile users in China. But if you feel that you’re above the Chinese testing market and your App deserves a little better, then you’re in for a surprise because the Chinese Testing market is known to be the most critical of all testing markets and only 7% of the tested App’s make the cut without the need for any change. To get a better idea as to how well the Chinese are with App testing and development, a simple search of iTunes and Google Play is more than sufficient, because around 35% of the app’s available today are developed by Chinese developers. Apart from the military level testing done by Testin testers, the elaborate report on bugs and acceptance by the testers also allows developers to get a good idea of how well the App will perform with the masses and what changes are required (if any).


Platforms : Android, iOS
Price : $499 – $1999


When developers put up their App for testing and scrutiny, they are at most times ready to face criticism in any and every form. But being criticized by a couple of people is one thing and having hundreds upon thousands of people criticizing a single App is something that only the bravest of brave can endure. Which makes uTest one of the most popular, powerful and in-depth testing tool there is. Developers simply sign up, fix their budget and throw their app out in the open for being tested by a swarm of testers, who will leave no opportunity behind to criticize your App. This is one of the main reasons why most newcomers try their best to uTest almost entirely, because they are not capable of handling the criticism placed forward to them.


Platform : Android, iOS
Price : Free for Stand Alone Developers, Price on Contact for Enterprise


In today’s day and age, how can anyone measure the worth of App Testing Tools? Is it with the range of features it has to offer? Or is it the quality of service expected from the company, in return for a said sum? The answer is none of the above. Crashlytics is one of those App testing tool company, which over the years has attracted some of the biggest names in the business. But the biggest name of them all, which eventually ended up taking over the brand as a whole was none other than Twitter. And when you know that you are dealing with the free service backed by a virtual world giant like Twitter, you can rest assure that you’re in the safest of hands. And this is one of the biggest reasons which helped Crashlytics evolve as one of the biggest names in the App testing tool industry. Right from it’s website, everything about Crashlytics has been designed to impress. Offering developers with one of the most informative and in-depth crash reports, Crashlytics over the years has helped some of the biggest names in the business establish a strong foothold on iOS and Android platforms. And the enterprise solution for those who can afford it, arms developers with one of the most powerful set of tools which ensures nothing less than success for the designated App.


Platform : iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone, HTML5
Price : $0 – $99, For enterprise version contact support


If you are looking for a cost effective, in-depth and versatile set of app testing tools which will help your App reach new levels of success, then perhaps only a few tools out there can match the strength and capability of Bugsense. Developed exclusively to test and track bugs across different platforms, Bugsense is without a doubt the tool to look out for. But the best part about Bugsense is that despite hosting a vast range of features it is extremely lightweight, which makes Bugsense super-fast and free from unwanted freezes or jams. Developers are presented with a detailed crash report which gives them a deep insight on what is required to make the App more stable and help create a stronger build. But it is the real-time tracking of the App quality which takes away the cake for Bugsense, as it presents developers with an in-depth graphical chart of who are using the App, the total number of issues diagnosed, Customer Satisfaction Scoring, etc.


Platforms : Android, iOS
Pricing : $1200/ year – $6000/ year, Free trial


For many developers, the name of this tool says it all. And if you want the most professional tool out there today, then perhaps only a handful can match up to the strengths and quality of testing done by Crittercism. Functioning in an easy to understand 4 step processes, Crittercism takes any App and turns them market giants with the help of a self sufficient monitoring tool, which gives developers real time update of all the errors, crashes and bugs, long before users even have a chance to experience them. Giving developers a chance to fix the error in real time. Based on the report, the Prioritize option isolates and prioritizes the issues which needs to be fixed first and the issues which can wait for a while. This gives developers a solid foundation to set tasks in order and attend to the issues which need fixing first, instead of beating around the bush without a clue of what’s happening. The Troubleshoot section takes the in-depth analysis report a step further and helps developers understand what is going wrong with their App, what is causing the problem and how to fix it. Which in turn saves valuable time and helps the future builds to evolve much faster. But the best part about Crittercism would have to be the Trends tool, which helps developers create and develop future builds depending on the market trends, past, present and future.


Platform : Android, iOS
Pricing : $50 – $150


Who says App testing tools have to be heavy and expensive? And this is the exact thing that AppTestNow puts to use. Offering developers with 8 unique tools to work on and improve their App, AppTestNow is easy to use and does not fry your brains just to let you wrap your head around the tool. With AppTestNow, developers will be entitled with a thorough performance test, which will test and evaluate all the strength and weaknesses of an App and what needs to be done to improve upon them. But the best part about AppTestNow is that developers get a chance to make their App as battery friendly as possible, by helping them improve on the features which drains maximum battery. And if these features put forward by AppTestNow was not enough, a proper certification to help the App’s enter the VIP lists of most stores.


Platform : Android, iOS
Pricing – $0 – $249


There is a common belief amongst developers that the more bugs you get to fix, the higher your chances will be for success. And this is exactly what BugClipper has been designed to do. Even though there may be many app testing tools out there today who provide that little bit extra, BugClipper has remained as a tool which has refused to diversify its features. Rather the brand has worked with the same feature for years and spent countless man hours working on them and finding different ways to improve it. BugClipper tests an App and sends lightning fast report to the developer, long before it reaches final user. And it also gives live screen recording for tester sessions, to help them understand which features stand out a bit more and which features really need to go back under the scanner.


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