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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has just pronounced his company’s first smartphone in Seattle, the Fire Phone. During his speech he stated that, striving to express Amazon’s success at acquiring and keeping customers for its main subscription services has been more than interesting though somehow challenging. Now those major customers have a got the reason to smile and keep themselves immersed deeper into Amazon’s bucket of services and devices.

The Fire Phone is intended for Amazon’s “most faithful customers.” Bezos stated, and it’s true. Compared to Amazon’s other devices within the Kindle family, the Fire Phone’s plain looking body and sharp screen makes it look more than decent. Nevertheless, it is among the mix of the phone’s software and hardware that Amazon is trying to uplift, and it will offer elusive 3D effects, wonderful gestures for using the phone, music features and gallons of the Amazon branded video.

The Fire Phone

Bezos first introduced the Amazon Fire Phone by enlisting its hardware specifications and some distinctive Amazon software twists. The Fire Phone as said by Bezos has a 4.7 inch display screen which is a perfect gadget for one handed use and came after trying bigger and smaller sizes. He went ahead to say that the phone is so bright that one can read books while outside. The body of the phone has Gorilla Glass on all sides. Aluminum buttons, a dedicated camera button and a USB connector that Bezos said Amazon is meant to avoid wobbling when connecting. Inside the phone is a quad-core 2.2 GHZ processor with a 2GB ram combined with an Adreno of 330 graphics processor. The well-built 13 megapixel camera has an optical image stabilizer. The phone also has 2 dual stereo speakers put in a landscape mode.

What is the cost of the Fire Phone?

Bezos stated clearly that the phone is much more affordable as compared to other phones in the market. You will be able to get a 32GB model at a standard 199 dollars on contract with AT&T, a 64 GB phone at 299 dollars but when buying any model outright you will only pay 649 dollars. This is as stated by Bezos the CEO. For the faithful customers, they can pre-order the phone right now and wait for the shipping, which is by 25th June.

Features of the Fire Phone as mentioned by Bezos

Sharp camera with unlimited storage

This Fire Phone does not stint in the camera area, and has its own dedicated camera button. The phone boasts of a 13 MP camera sensor, and a faster f/2 aperture lens. It also has the image stabilizer in it. Some of the photos shown to us by Bezos were really impressive.

Tangle free ear buds

Amazon has stressed the quality of sound of the Fire Phone, though we will test those ourselves. It has 2 stereo speakers with Dolby digital and amazon advices us to use the phone along with its hardware. The Fire Phone is well fixed with ear buds that are by all accounts tangle free.

Flinging and X-raying videos with your second screen

The Fire Phone’s second screen allows you to fling your video while watching from the phone’s display to your Amazon Fire TV. Additionally, Amazon has also introduced its X-Ray feature from the kindle Fire tablets to its Fire Phone enabling you click on an actor to know more about them from their existing IMD page.

Immediate customer care support

Amazon has included another feature from the Kindle Fire HDX tablets, the Mayday which is a 24/7 free online support that can be reached within 15 seconds from the phone. It is available on this Fire Phone over both 3G/4G AND Wi-Fi connections.

Firefly identifies almost everything

This software installed in Fire Phone boots up its camera to identify anything you might be viewing or listening to. It even identifies art and book covers.

Other coolest things about the Fire Phone include;

  • Its ability to track your head.
  • Its dynamic 3D like perspective.
  • Its wonderful active widgets.

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