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With the continual advancements in technology, buying products from the world largest online platform has never been made so easy by the amazon phone. Being one of their most unique products, the company comes with the latest technology, amazon fire phone – firefly, that has the ability to detect real world objects and even digital media content like music and TV productions. As demonstrated by Bezos, when you hold the same button as the shortcut to the phone’s camera, the firefly is capable of identifying millions of items around you.This is the best thing that could ever occur to all the shoppers of As it is, the amazon phone – firefly has the ability to identify all the items they have ever scanned before. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter what kind of items, whatever items you want to buy, so long as they have been in the store before, they will be at your disposal. That’s not all, you are also able to listen to music and play TV shows within your proximity through this application.

More to the wonder, the amazon phone –firefly can help you scan other real world items like business cards by picking up the useful information like contacts and leaving the other unimportant information. As time goes by, there could be more development to it so that product owners will be able to describe their products to their users before they can go out to buy. It is however important to note that the amazon phone – firefly is an app specifically to boost’s sales. It does not apply to other online shopping platform.

All in all, this is the greatest breakthrough by the amazon market. The business people are happy as they are able to realize more sales and the buyers are not left behind as shopping is made easier when you have the product varieties at your disposal.


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