AirTalk : Fine Social Media App for All Age Groups

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AirTalk is certainly not just another social media or messaging app. Available on the iTunes store and in a format that can be used on both an iPhone and an iPad, this app has some key difference to its other messaging competitors.


AirTalk makes it easy to chat and send message to anybody that is within a 100m radius. Because of the location services that are utilized within this app, the system is able to pick up other users that are close by in real time, and then make contact with these other users.


The developers of AirTalk envisaged that this messenger would be used at big events, like concerts for instance. With many people in close proximity to each other, and all taking part in the same event, the idea was that all of these users could easily communicate with each other, even if they weren’t formally connected, like is required by some of the other popular social media apps. These users have some things in common, namely that they are really close to each other, and also that they are taking part in the same event. Of course, AirTalk is not restricted to big events. The app can be used at any time. For instance, if you are walking through Central Park in New York, you could login to the app, and send a shout out to anybody within a 100m radius.


Airtalk also offers an interesting feature, and this is that you do not actually require a data connection or an internet connection for the app to work. Users merely need to turn on their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and they can communicate with each other.

AirTalk uses approximately 11.5mb of space on your device, and does require iOS 7.0 or upwards in order to operate. It has been integrated with Twitter, which means that you are able to share AirTalk posts with those that follow you on Twitter. Social media plays such a major part in many of our lives, and so integrating various platforms is becoming more and more important. The app has been designed in such a way that the user interface is really clean and simple, and as such is quick to learn and to operate. There are no unnecessary items in the app, and the developers have ensured that the focus remains on the core functionally of the app.

There are distinct advantages of this app to certain business owners or sales people. Users can send details about a specific product to other users within the 100m radius. This does have its benefits, but might also become an irritation to some users if this system to abused or utilized too often.

As mentioned, one of the definite key features of this app is that you do not need a data connection in order to use it. This means that users will not use any data while making use of AirTalk. However, because you will need to use your Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, this could potentially mean that your device battery is drained a lot quicker. As such, be careful when using it at a big event like a concert, when you need you battery to last the whole evening.

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