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Coming off a recent funding round of $6 million, AdtoApp continues to prove that monetizing mobile apps is big business. Mobile apps are already more valuable than desktop ads, account for over 30% of all internet traffic with that number projected to grow by over 50% in the near future.

Based in Los Angeles, AdtoApp focuses on the traditional CPC (Cost per Click) model of monetization. One important factor when looking at monetizing ads is to look at your fill rate. Fill rate is basically the percent of impressions that a publisher assigns to an ad network and how many that network manages to fill. It it isn’t filled, end users are left with a blank space, and that isn’t good for publishers or the ad network in charge. AdtoApp promises not to let that happen by stating they keep an impressive 99.99% fill rate on ads.

While a high fill rate is great, if your ads aren’t getting delivered to the right audience, they aren’t going to garner attention, and in turn, get clicked on. AdtoApp is a programmatic mediation platform that is designed to deliver the right ads to the right people. Using an advanced algorithm, AdtoApp can target up to 184 countries and 50 different user groups. Not satisfied with just “good enough,” AdtoApp will also factor in your audience’s size and other characteristics to add an additional 400 to 9,200 filters. By using such strenuous filters to get your audience pinpointed, many publishers have seen their eCPM (total earnings divided by impressions in the thousands) double in the first weeks of use.

The company also prides themselves on their easy of use. The SDK can easily be loaded into any existing app seeing that it is only four lines of code. The file size is under 7mb, meaning it loads quickly and doesn’t stress your current loadout. You can easily switch up ad banner locations and use it with other monetization solutions, as well. Where most companies similar to AdtoApp focus on prioritizing advertisers, AdtoApp realizes that publishers are very important to this business model, and offer 24/7 customer support for publishers who use AdtoApp.

AdtoApp is here to stay, and has a nice stable ad networks, as well. Just to name a couple, they are integrated with Amazon, MoPub, Chartboost, and RevMob. If you’re looking to find the best to to start monetizing your app by hitting the most markets and keeping a very high fill rate, make sure to check them out.

editor6AdtoApp – Right Ads to Right People

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