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If you are a skilled mobile app developer, then you already know that modern audiences are becoming more and more mobile. People are always on the go with only the apps they consider essential. In other words, mobile apps are constantly switched on, ready to compare and contrast data and ultimately make informed consumer decisions at the top of a hat. Unfortunately, success with mobile applications is not as straightforward as it seems. To be on the safe side and increase your chances of making it big in the mobile app marketing industry, keep off the following pitfalls.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Nothing could be further from the truth than this assumption.Mobile applications must be developed with a strategic marketing plan in mind. In other words, nothing comes easy. You and your team may have spent months developing a top of the range, flawless app that will blow away all competitors. But without a pre-planned marketing campaign for the app, all hard work could go to the drain.

Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to market your app. You may leverage your existing digital assets by:

  • Using subtle links on your blog or website
  • Taking advantage of mentions social media campaigns
  • Using pop up notifications that appear when users open mobile customized websites

Thinking Of Mobile As Static

Never think of mobile devices as static desktop devices. There is a reason why the word ‘mobile’ is used with these apps. That said and done, mobile applications should not at any point mimic desktop features. That is as far as functionality is concerned. Do not at any point assume that consumers will want to see the same features on their apps as they see on their desktops. Simply go out of your way and simplify such things as text size and fonts.

Mistaking A Mobile Website For An App

This happens a lot with new mobile designers. Mobile devices are not like desktops. Note too, that a mobile optimized website is not an application. It is simply an online website designed to adopt to the screens of mobile devices for hassle free viewing.

Failure To Interact With Your Customers

Mobile app marketing is distinctively different from conventional advertising. It calls for a certain degree of communication and interaction by both the business and consumer. The reason is simple. App users value instant responses to their inquiries. Being there when they need you is therefore an indispensible tip up your sleeve. Think smart and set up a forum for your app users. Encourage them to be open about what they think of the app. That way, you will both end up in a win-win situation. They will let you know of your app’s flaws and how you can improve it. In the end, you will have a flawless app.

Neglecting To Follow Through

It always feels great to see consumers downloading your application. It is an indication that somehow, your mobile app marketing strategies are working. Unfortunately, that is often the first step into mobile app marketing. It is not and can never be the final step. You have to ensure that app retention occurs. Use contests, offer vouchers and discounts or take advantage of everything discussed on your app’s forum and other forums as well. Then tweak your app to a better version and encourage new users to download it.


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